It’s Rescue Monday!

In honor of  Uno winning Best in Show at Westminster and #1 in the Hound Group at the Eukanuba Show, this week we would like to focus on B.R.E.W. (Beagle Rescue Education and Welfare). They are a Northerna VA group, founded in 1999 and committed to helping Beagles.

 Their Mission:   

  • Rescue beagles in danger of euthanasia from shelters
  • Help beagles that have been removed from neglectful or abusive situations
  • Educate families about beagles and their special qualities
  • Find kind, loving families for homeless or abandoned beagles
  • If you visit their website you can find Beagles in need of loving homes, volunteer opportunities, info about Beagles, the BREW store, and fun Beagle stuff. www.brewbeagles.org

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