Animal Welfare League of Arlington needs your help…….


He’s one of those dogs with stories to tell, poor Blitz has been through a lot of transition. He’s made several moves and been in at least three different homes. Through it all he’s remained the nicest dog, handsome and charming just a little bit of a worrier. We are seeking an experienced adopter with a history of committing to the lifetime care of their pets. Blitz has been through enough transition and so deserves his forever home. This dog is currently in a foster home, please contact for more information if you are interested in adopting.
Are you and I meant to be? My new home will need the following:
– I’ll need a single family home or townhouse because I can be nervous when I’m alone and I don’t want to bother your neighbors!
– Can you buy me “DAP” a Dog Appeasing Pheromone plug-in Diffuser, “Through a Dogs Ear” a CD for dogs to help encourage relaxation and a Thundershirt to wear during storms?
– Are you willing to work with a trainer or vet if I need some help adjusting to my new home?
-Are you home more often than not? I’m very attached to my people and have a hard time being alone.
– I don’t like to walk on hardwood floors, they’re creepy! Is your house mainly carpeted or will you buy me runners to walk on?

Blitz needs a home!

Breed Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer
Age 6 years 7 months
Sex Male
Size Large
Color Tan

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