Hello everyone! I am Aurora. I came to King Street Cats with my mom Cherry when our humans decided to begin a new phase of their lives by moving away and traveling – but they didn’t take us! My mom Cherry has found her forever home. I’m dreaming of finding mine.

I loved having my own humans and I want some back in my life! I am a very affectionate girl who will always come to you for head rubs, chin scratches, ear massages, and more. I have a calm, quiet personality and a gentle presence and would love to offer you my loyalty and companionship. As you can see from my photos here, I love interacting with my human friends at King Street Cats.

New humans are impressed with my easy-going nature… I know this because I overheard so many of them remark on it when they came to see me at a recent mobile adoption event. I let nice humans of all ages pet me after I gave them a good sniff. I even heard a lot of comments about my lovely fur!

I’m a beautiful tabby girl with a brown color palette. My soft fur is light brown with exotic dark chocolate colored markings and warm honey colored accents. There’s even a bit of red in there! A lot of people say that I must have an ancestor who was a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat because my fur is medium-length and one of my most noteworthy physical attributes. I think I have some lion ancestors too, when is someone going to mention that? My almond-shaped green eyes are ringed by a lovely circle of cream colored fur. I was born in the later part of Summer 2006 so I am a perfect lady!

I have no problems with my fellow felines here, but I do really enjoy all the little cubby holes, boxes, and private nooks where I can observe all the action. I really light up when the humans come around!

If you’re looking for a calm, gentle and affectionate little lion to love you forever, please send an email to and ask for me, Aurora! I loved having a home once before and I can’t wait to have one again.

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Wonderfully yours,

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