Meet Astro!

Astro is a great boy who has a wonderful heart if only given the chance and stability he needs. This beautiful boy came from a home where he struggled with fear aggression. He was left outside running a fence line all day and started to herd the neighborhood kids. BC’s get bored easily and look for things to do, such as chase & herd. Astro is very smart and can figure out any command. He is eager to new learn new things all for treats, hugs, and kisses. Astro loves to swim, he gives kisses, he does wonderful on the leash, and he loves to run our entire 5 acre property. (He has never tried to breach our fence line. ) He also likes to play with the laser pointer. That can be lots of fun. Two more of his favorite things are to chew on rawhides and makes lots of noise with squeaky toys.
Astro needs a VERY STRUCTURED environment! He needs a home where someone is willing to work with him on overcoming his fear aggression issues with positive behavior modification techniques. He does not do well with young children or with alpha male dogs. He is not a dog you can just introduce into new situations and expect him to be ok. He needs to be told a command and then be given reassurance once completed. Astro sleeps in a kennel at night and if it is inclement weather, he can even spend up to 7 hours a day in his crate. He is not allowed to run freely in the house when we are not home. He is housebroken, but still needs his crate to feel secure. Astro will be your shadow and want to be with you 24-7 if allowed. It will take some time, but he needs to know that it is OK to be alone and to have “down time” in his new home.
Astro does fine with my older 15 year old cat, but they were introduced properly. He needs to know that a cat outranks him in the house. Astro does fine with my older 2 male BCs, but every once in a while he will try and take the leadership role. My male alpha lets him know very quickly who is boss. Astro desperately wants to play with the other 2 BC’s, but is not sure how to fit in yet. He is learning to play by chasing the soccer ball or playing tug on a rope. It will take him awhile to get used to a new pack and will need encouragement and structure to help him find his place. Astro has shown some herding ability since he does have the “bc stare”. He will run up and down the fence with my dog, Ty, to herd the cows on the other side of the fence. Astro will only be adopted out to someone who has previous Border Collie experience. .

Astro is being fostered in Hamilton, VA. His foster parent can be reached at
You can see more pictures of Astro at

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