Anna and her Kittens

Description: Momma Anna and all of her babies were given up by a family in West Virginia when they were given a 10 eviction notice from their landlord of two years. Through no fault of their own, the landlord had stopped paying the mortgage on the home they were renting. In desperation they called every rescue group in WV, MD, DC and VA and beyond. Their call was answered by a volunteer answering a rescue group? call line. She took pity on their situation and drove to WV to take Momma Anna and her kittens to safety. (The only alternative would have been a kill shelter.) Momma Anna took good care of these month old kittens (born 7-15-2010)even after they were weaned, cleaning them, teaching them and they now have a good start on life. Now all they need is a loving home. The original eight are Barbara, Carol, Donna, Ethel, Faye, Gertrude, Henry and Irving. Previous children Ralphie, Mickey, and Betsy were also rescued. To date, Carol, Ethel, Ralphie and Mickey have all found loving homes. The remaining are all litter trained, received all their vaccinations and have been spay/neutered and are ready to go to their new forever homes. Each of them has their own little personality, likes and dislikes. For now, the kittens are all still together, but Momma Anna has joined the other adult cats in the foster? home, and is also familiar with dogs. Momma Anna has remained slim and trim and become friends with the foster male cat, Rikki, a previous rescue. The foster would love to pair off the kittens, so they will have a familiar playmate, but they are young enough to blend with another cat, but it may take a little time. Betsy looks very much like Momma Anna, but is from a previous litter, so may be about 1 year or more, now. We guess that Momma Anna may be around 2-3 years old, but is very friendly, and likes to have her belly and back petted the most.

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