Adopt-a-Cat Month

June is the busiest month for cats and kittens to arrive at animal shelters around the country. The AmericanHumane Association and other animal rescue associations and shelters sponsor Adopt-a-Cat Month to help bring attention to the need for more adoptive families.

These organizations urge you to celebrate adopt-a-cat month by visiting your local animal shelter. Dozens of loving cats and kittens are waiting there to be adopted by families who will be their forever friends. If you are considering adopting a new feline member into your family, take time to think carefully about what will be required. If you have never owned a cat before, research information about cat care in books or on the internet. Ask questions of friends, of your vet, and of shelter workers.
If you decide that cat ownership is right for you, consider the following hints to help you find the right match for your family:
Fur Length: Decide if you want a short-, medium-, or long-haired cat. Remember that the longer the fur, the more often you need to brush your cat to prevent painful matting and tangling.
Age: Would your family prefer a mature cat who is occasionally playful? Or a kitten who is in constant motion(whenever it is not napping!)? Remember that mature cats are usually more patient with young children.
Personality: In addition to different levels of playfulness based on age, different cats and kittens have different innate personalities. A shy cat will do better in a quiet household, while other cats enjoy being handled and
enjoy being entertained by the chaos of a more active family.
Whatever type of cat you choose bring home, enjoy the adventure of being adopted by one of the lovable cats who have been waiting for a family of their very own!
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