“A Hound Pair”


 “Titus is a 6 year old Redbone Coonhound. Titus has been with his girlfriend Holly since he was 8 weeks old so we will be adopting them as a pair. It would be cruel to separate them after all this time. Titus dotes on Holly and takes really good care of her. Titus is a sweet boy. Despite his age, he has a fair amount of energy and will need a home where he can get lots of exercise. A low chain link fence will not work for Titus. Titus gets along well with other dogs and is an all around great guy. He is handsome too! Holly is also 6 years old and dependent on her pal and bestfriend Titus. They have always been together and should stay that way. Holly is an exceptionally sweet dog and is very mellow and laid back. She lets Titus get into all the mischief for her. Holly and Titus were being kept outside with only a barrel for shelter when they came to HART.”

For more information go to http://hart90.org/PetDetail.aspx?id=5787

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